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neue Firmware für Oregon x50er-Serie

Heute Nacht wurde wieder eine neue Firmware für das Oregon 450 und 550 (auch t-Modellte) freigegeben. Diese Firmware 5.00 ist über den Webupdater verfügbar.


* Modified default map trails to appear as dashed red lines
* Fixed issue where geocache icons would sometimes not draw on the map while using Garmin GB Discoverer™ maps

Anweisungen für das Update:

IMPORTANT: if upgrading from a software version less than 4.80 you must follow these steps for future BaseCamp Compatibility:
If you are a user of BaseCamp now, or plan to be in the future, you must follow these steps to ensure your data is protected during this software update:
1. Connect your handheld unit to a computer and launch BaseCamp. Transfer all tracks, routes and waypoints to BaseCamp.
2. Delete the /Garmin/GPX folder from the handheld’s mass storage.
3. Update the handheld’s software via WebUpdater and reboot the handheld.
4. Reconnect the handheld to a computer and transfer your data from BaseCamp back to the handheld.

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